Issue #19 April 2020
 Shara™ - 
It's one tough Lomandra through drought and flood!
Shara™  Lomandra has proven once again that it is one very tough Lomandra. Over the past 7 months it has been subjected to the extremes that the Australian climate had to throw at it, through drought and flooding rain, and still it survived! 

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 Evaluation of Lomandra
types for wet feet tolerance

Lomandra are one of the most popular plants in Australia; due to their tidy attractive evergreen foliage, toughness with drought and cold, and their low maintenance characteristics. Unfortunately, it is well known that most Lomandra do not tolerate prolonged wet feet, or heavy soils that get wet. 

Over the past 4 years Ozbreed has carried out 2 trials on 13 commonly available Lomandra confertifolia, fluviatilis, and longifolia types to test their tolerance for wet feet. Most Lomandra tested showed poor ability to survive in such conditions, however 2 types had a survival rate of 100%. 


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 Ozbreed's New Star: 
Evergreen Baby™ Lomandra!
Evergreen Baby™  Lomandra has been at the top of landscape performance, surviving and thriving through periodic wet feet, heavy or free draining soils, temps down to minus 8°C, high humidity and dry hot heat, weed invasion, and most pests and diseases. 

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 Mass Flowering Agapanthus
Bingo Blue™ Agapanthus hybrid ‘ANDbin’ PBR: This compact plant produces bright blue flowers en masse from October to November, and occasionally thoroughout the year. 

Bingo White™ A gapanthus hybrid ‘WP001’ PBR: Bright white flowers can be seen en masse from October to November, and sporadically throughout the year. 

Buccaneer™ Agapanthus hybrid ‘AMDB002’ PBR: This Agapanthus has unique white and purple stripped flowers that appear sparingly thorughout the year, as well as en masse during spring and summer.

Ice Angel™ Agapanthus hybrid 'WP003' PBR Intended: Ice Angel™ Agapanthus produces masses of beautiful white flowers during spring and summer.

Sugar Plum™ Agapanthus hybrid ‘AMPU001’ PBR: Striking purple flowers can be seen sporadically thoughout the year and en masse from October to November.

All of Ozbreed's Agapanthus varieties have good disease resistance and are frost and drought tolerant.
 Upcoming Release:
Velvet Sky Metrosideros
You are one of the first to hear about this new plant, due to be released in Spring 2020! If it is something that interests you, let us know and we can line you up with growers who have availabe stock.
Velvet Sky™  Metrosideros collina 'MB01' PBR is a gorgeous hedge plant with inky blue stems and stunning blue/green velvet foliage. It has vibrant red staminate flowers blooming in spring and is also moderately drought and frost tolerant once established.
Thin Red™  Photinia x fraseri ‘NP01’ PBR is a gorgeous screening plant with red new growth foliage. Its narrow shape makes it ideal for tight spaces, with displays of lovely white flowers in mid to late spring. The Thin Red™ plant suits a heavy sun to partly shaded position and is frost tolerant once established. This photinia is sure to bring a colourful touch to any project.
Sweet Privacy™ Murraya paniculata ‘MP01’ PBR is a low maintenance plant that only needs to be pruned twice a year. This Murraya also produces white, sweet smelling flowers in spring, late summer and early autumn. Sweet Privacy™ Murraya makes a perfect hedge as it requires less pruning than the common form and is large enough to reach that perfect hedge height.
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