Issue #18 September 2019
 Looking for Ozbreed Plants?
Don't settle for substitution
Ozbreed has always strived to provide improved varieties of plants. Varieties such as Little Jess™  Dianella caerulea

 'DCMP01' PBR are in high demand due to its excellent performance across landscapes for over 10 years. Sometimes with these ever popular varieties you may have trouble sourcing them...

Ozbreed is here to help!

If you are having any issues finding Ozbreed plant varieties, do not hesitate to contact us. Emil Montibeler is dedicated to helping you find the right plant for the right place.

At times, suppliers may offer a substitution if one of our varieties is not available. Always be aware that substitution can have an unfavourable outcome to your project, as these substitutes can often fail.

For help with finding our varieties give Emil a call, or send him an email...

Ph: 0488 669 330
E: emil@ozbreed.com.au
 The Drought Is Back!
Ozbreed have proven performers in the face of another drought
As you would be well aware, Australia is again suffering through drought. Luckily at this stage Queensland is not yet affected by water restrictions. 

Ozbreed has a wide range of drought tolerant varieties that are proven performers through previous droughts.

Check out some of these great articles below to help you and your clients in maintaining gardens and lawns throughout summer and the drought.

Maintaining Gardens and Turf in times of drought & water restrictions

Gardening to survive water restrictions

Sydney Dams set to drop below 50%

Measuring the drought tolerance of plants - Ozbreed Research
 3D Graphics Available for Download
Do you produce your own 3D visuals or outsource? Whichever way you do it, our 3D plant graphics are free to use and download from our website. To get a more realistic representation of your design, forward this email to your visual contractors and let them know about these free graphics!

Click here to download our 3D graphics.
All New Ozbreed Resource Booklets - 
Download Today!
Our new Resource Booklets provide you with important plant information relevant to your region. Click on the links below to download your booklet.

South Queensland Resource Booklet (10.5MB)
North Queensland Resource Booklet (9.65MB)
Buccaneer™  Agapanthus hybrid 'AMDB002' PBR is a tough plant with drought and frost tolerance, as well as good disease resistance. It produces masses of beautiful white and purple striped flowers for a longer period, with flowers typically repeating each season.

Suitable for South QLD (best suited to non humid regions like Toowoomba)

Ice Angel™ Agapanthus hybrid 'WP003’ PBR intended produces white flowers for a longer period, with masses of flowers on display in Spring and Summer. The Ice Angel™ plant is a semi-compact form with good disease resistance and is also drought and frost tolerant.

Suitable for South QLD (best suited to non humid regions like Toowoomba).

Sugar Plum™ Agapanthus hybrid ‘AMPU001’ PBR is a compact form with good disease resistance, and is also drought and frost tolerant. It produces striking purple flowers for a longer period. Flowers can be seen en masse from October to November, and sporadically throughout the year.

Suitable for South QLD (best suited to non humid regions like Toowoomba).

Ozbreed Red Rover™  Callistemon hybrid 'Calkwr' PBR is a stunning ground cover Callistemon with a unique round leaf shape that really makes a statement. Its red new growth foliage adds a pop of colour without flowers, an excellent choice for sites where bees and pollen allergies are to be avoided.

Suitable for South QLD (best suited to non humid regions like Toowoomba).

 Still need help finding the right plant? Check out the Best Plants website
Check out www.bestplants.com.au and use our filter options to find the best plants for your region and landscaping needs.
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