Issue #18 January 2020
 Pre-order Little Jess™ Dianella Now!
Little Jess™   Dianella caerulea 'DCMP01' PBR is one of our most sought after varieties, being a compact and tough form. With its huge popularity, it can often sell out fast. Get your pre-orders in to avoid disappointment!

We are dedicated to helping you find the right plant for the right place. If you have any issues sourcing stock, please contact Ozbreed for assistance. 

Ph: 02 4577 2977
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 Updated Research 
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Swales and Raingardens
Ozbreed have done extensive research into which plants are best suited for this situation, from staying evergreen to benefitting the environment. We've recently updated our information to include Callistemon and Yalba™ Imperata. See what's new here!

Click on the links below to view our raingarden trial and find the best plants for your project.

Read Swale and Raingarden Research Here!

View Raingarden Plant Selection
 Landscape Tough Lomandra
Planting tips for our Lomandra varieties
Lomandras are a brilliant adaptable landscape plant. However, occasionally you will see some failing on projects, which can be due to incorrect planting. 
to download our guide on how to best plant and care for your Lomandra.
Sea Urchin™     Aloe hybrid ‘ANDsea’ PBR  provides modern, architectural and clean blue/green foliage. Its prolific orange flowers in winter and spring are a real stand out feature of this plant. This clumping Aloe is more compact, tight and dense than the common form, making it ideal for landscape mass planting, garden borders and specimen plantings.

Suitable for South QLD.

Mighty Aloes:
Ozbreed has a range of vibrant Aloes that are sure to bring attention to any landscape. Our Aloes range in size and all are drought and frost tolerant. For more information, view the links below.

Mighty Sunset™ Aloe hybrid ‘AL03’ PBR

Mighty Gold™  Aloe hybrid ‘AL02’ PBR

Mighty Coral™  Aloe hybrid ‘AL04’ PBR

Mighty Orange™ Aloe hybrid ‘AL01’ PBR

Suitable for South QLD.

Red Head™ Acmena smithii 'BWNRED' PBR is a beautiful shrub with dense, glossy foliage and red new growth. It is not only drought and frost tolerant, but also extrememly Myrtle Rust and Psyllid resistant. This plant's lush foliage also responds very well to pruning and shaping and can be grown clear-trunked as an attractive small tree, ideal for urban plantings. The Red Head™ plant produces clusters of white flowers from October to December.

Ozbreed's Stunning Cannas:

Cosmo Splash™  Canna hybrid 'AM01' PBR is a mid-sized canna with beautiful blended pink and yellow flowers. Its multiple stems and clumping habit make the true green foliage nice and dense from early on. This lush Canna provides a tropical backdrop or feature for any garden.

Merlot Splash™  Canna hybrid 'AM02' PBR has gorgeous, lush dark purple foliage. This tropical, dense Canna shows displays of attractive coral flowers from October to May and is great for landscapes, gardens, feature planting and screening. Unlike others that start of sparse and leggy, this plant has dense foliage from early on.

 Still need help finding the right plant? Check out the Best Plants website
Check out www.bestplants.com.au and use our filter options to find the best plants for your region and landscaping needs.
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